A air conditioning system in the summer time works by moving the heat from inside your home and expelling it outside. A heat pump air conditioning system has the ability to operate both ways. In the summer time it removes the heat from your home and in the winter time it takes the heat from the outside air and brings it inside. This method of heating is 3 times more efficient then traditional electric heat (heat strip).

What is the difference between a heat pump and a straight cool?

Use your power savings for a vacation!

Why should I replace my air conditioner?

A new air conditioning system can operate more efficiently which in turn lowers your power bill. This can save you money every month which in turn makes your investment for a new central air conditioning system a smart one. Often times these savings pay for your new air conditioner and put money back in your pocket. If you replace your current air conditioning system make sure you choose the company with the reputation you can trust. We are the leaders in high efficiency air conditioning and have been providing heating and cooling solutions for Orlando area customers since 1976! Call or email us today so we can start customizing and designing a new air conditioning system just for you!

Not sure you want to replace your ac system?

We can help you make the right decision. Here at Cee Bee Air the customer is the priority. We can help diagnose any issues you may be having and give you upfront prices and options to either fix the existing system or replace it with a new air conditioning system. The choice is yours!

Is the air in your home clean?

We sell and install a variety of indoor air quality and filtration systems. We can provide you the knowledge and service to help keep your family safe by breathing cleaner, healthier air in your home!

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"We called one day when our ac system stopped working suddenly. We explained that we had a newborn and that we needed service fast. They had a technician at our house within 45 minutes. They replaced a part and within 10 minutes it was working again. Thanks Cee Bee for the hard work and fast service"

Mike and Carol

Orlando, FL

It's hot outside and your air conditioning system isn't working. Don't make the mistake of calling the wrong people for the job. We have been servicing and replacing home air conditioning since 1976. Our technicians know how to diagnose and fix the problem unlike some of our competition who use the "try this" method. When you call Cee Bee Air you know your calling a team of highly trained professionals whose main concern is getting you cooling again and comfortable in your own home.

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