"I'm a single father of three and couldn't afford a bunch of money to replace my air conditioning system. What I like about Cee Bee is that they gave me 3 options for a new ac system. A good one, a better one, and the best system. It actually ended up being a lot less then I expected and I got more then I expected. You can't really beat that."


Orlando, FL

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"My air conditioning stopped working and I was expecting Mothers Day company the next day. I called and within a hour I had a friendly tech at my home. He explained that my ac unit outside had a bad capacitor and I had cold air within 15 minutes of him arriving."


Orlando, FL

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"Air conditioning wasn't blowing cold air. So I called and scheduled a appointment. Was told between 2-3 and they ended up calling me at 11 to tell me they could get there quicker and would see me by 12. He got here at 11:40. I was pretty happy considering my house 88 degrees. Great people here and I am happy I called."


Orlando, FL

"Well I suppose long story short is my air conditioner was stolen for my Orlando rental home. I called and explained my situation. They had someone at the property in 30 minutes working up a estimate. Had the system replaced and running before the end of the day. Quick and fast service."


Orlando, FL

"My air conditioning was acting up and would sometimes not even blow cold air. They came out and explained that a part was going bad and that was they cause. Ended up being a pretty low expense repair but he explained if I had waited a few more days the part would have failed completely and then my air conditioning system would've been trashed. Learned 2 things that day. One is not to put off calling if I have a problem and the other is obvious. Cee Bee cares about their customers. I was referred by my neighbor."


Orlando, FL

“My Air Conditioning system went out in the heat of summer. I called Cee Bee and they had a tech at my house in a hour to check the system. Sure enough the system was struck by lightning and had to be replaced. Cee Bee gave me a fair price and had me cooling the next day. Thanks Cee Bee!”


Orlando, FL